I Did It, Mama!

Last night since Denis took one of our Wii remotes with him to the guy’s night gamefest, I informed CootieBoy that he would have to play Lego Batman all by himself. He was a bit worried that he couldn’t do it by himself, but I showed him that Robin will follow Batman all he wants even if I don’t have a remote.

I then went into the kitchen to make more pumpkin muffins. And about 30 minutes later, after only needing my assistance twice, he yelled, “I DID IT, MAMA! I FINISHED IT ALL BY MYSELF!” And sure enough, he had finished an entire 6-part chapter of the game pretty much by himself. He was obviously VERY pleased with himself, and for good reason. That game is recommended for 10 year olds and he’s only 4.

When Denis got home he announced that he and one of the other guys had been unable to sync their remotes to Roger’s console, thus not allowing them to play four players at a time. I asked him if he bothered to go online to look for instructions, and he said no. That’s when I informed him that there was this new invention called the Internet where he could type in a question and get an answer – almost like an encyclopedia of knowledge there for the taking. Why just now, it only took me about fifteen seconds to find the answer on how to sync a Wii remote to a friend’s console:

There’s also a temporary type of synchronization you can do if someone comes over your house and you just want their remote to get included in your mix for one time only. This will only last until the console is turned off. To do this, use the ‘Wii remote settings’ – and use the Wii Remote Settings – Reconnect option. Now, once you do that, press the 1 and 2 buttons on the remote you want to be #1. Then wait for its beeping confirmation. Right then, press the 1 and 2 buttons on the next remote. You have to do this quickly in order – if you pause too long, it’ll figure you are done. By doing this, you can temporarily include a friend’s remote into your sync setup. To end the connection, just turn off your Wii and it’ll go back to its normal settings.

I then told him that CB and I could have probably figured it out, with which he smartly concurred.

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  1. Either we were too lazy or didn’t care enough to bother with the Internet. We are guys. We made due without the Internet. This is why is was guy’s night, not mix couples night, smart @$$.

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