I Couldn’t Be More Thrilled!

This morning I did my first weigh-in after all but ignoring Weight Watchers for the past three months. Luckily, since Easter weekend I had maintained my 23.5 weight loss, but I was still frustrated that I had lost my momentum.

Last week I decided to get back on program so that I could see some additional results by the end of the summer. Last week I counted every blasted point of food going in my mouth, and drank a minimum of three quarts of water each day. I ate three meals a day with two snacks and only worked out one time at Ace’s gym.

It paid off. As of this morning I lost 1.5 pounds last week. I’m down a total of 25 pounds. I couldn’t be more happy. So this week I’ll continue counting points and will attempt to work out a couple nights this week at Ace’s, as well as the weekend. Hurrah for me!

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