I Can’t Believe I Forgot About This

Last night I watched the full hour of “Big Brother 3“. It was the first time so far that I actually specifically turned to the channel and watched the entire episode. I had seen a few scenes from prior episodes but didn’t really watch and pay attention.

Well last night I paid attention and was horrified by the show. This show is no Survivor, no The Mole, no Amazing Race, and not even Lost (which was pretty bad). This show is the dregs of all reality tv.

Now, I love reality tv. I make no false pretenses – I like watching real people and seeing their honest (or not so honest) reactions to their circumstances. But the folks that try out for the Big Brother house must be all the rejected ones from the other reality tv shows. You know – the ones no one else in their right mind would cast.

At least on Survivor the folks get along for a few weeks before pecking each other down. On The Mole it’s all about commeraderie and building the prize money pot. The Amazing Race pits teams against each other, but there are a lot of teams that help the other teams, which is great. And even on Lost, which until last night I considered the worst of the reality tv shows, the teams didn’t become so false and backbiting.

On the first Big Brother season you had a few people to root for. One the second Big Brother season you had maybe two to root for. This season? I don’t see anyone I want to win the money. None of them deserve it. And the show has only been on for a week. From what I saw on the CBS website, the first nominations were made on the SECOND DAY. How is it possible to make nominations about who you want to boot after 24 hours? That’s insane. At least give them a week to get to know each other. Is it really possible that this “Group of Six” they talk about formed in 24 hours and was able to wield it’s power that quickly.

It’s a joke, and I won’t be watching Big Brother again. Besides that fact, last night was the first look I had a Julie Chen since last year. Uh….why did she lose weight? She was already skinny and now she looks positively skeletal. I don’t know what sicko at the network told her she was fat, but she looks horrible now. I cringed when she came on screen last night. She does not look good. LAST year she looked good. This year – not.

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  1. Don’t forget the granddaddy of the modern day reality shows – Real World. That’s not up to par either, really.

    I have never and will never watch Big Brother. I do not and will not watch Survivor.

    I LOVE The Mole and The Amazing Race. Why those two? Because the contestants have to use their brains to get ahead. Because they don’t vote each other off, those who leave have to go b/c of their own mistakes.

    Jaynee…did you know that Anderson is a reporter on CNN’s morning show? I just read that the other day…he’s up against my favorite FNC show – Fox & Friends.

  2. I HATE THE NEW BIG BROTHER! They are all skanky…nasty…narly…mean…bitter people! Survivor ROCKS!!!

  3. I have to admit that I’ve watched a little bit of the free live Internet feeds from the Big Brother house. I’m so glad I haven’t bothered to watch the show because it seems like this group never has anything interesting to say.

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