I Can’t Believe He’s a Dad

I got an email from my old school pal Charles – he’s a Dad. His wife had the baby on May 30. It’s funny – there was a time in college when I had a HUGE crush on Charles (everyone at my college did – he was beautiful, smart and funny – a lethal combination). We were really good friends and have stayed in touch over the past twelve years as our lives went from college keg parties to children (on his part – as you know, we are child-free).

In all the time in college I never once thought “What is Charles gonna be like when he’s 30? married? a dad?” He was just Charles – the buddy who lived off campus, had a killer smile, made all the girls hearts flutter, and was my pal. He was a year below me and was in an orientation group that included a future boyfriend, my first gay friend, and a constant crush (that last one would be Charles).

And now he’s a DAD. I’ve met his wife (she came to our wedding back in 1997 as his fiancee) and she was wonderful and perfect for Charles. He had grown up a lot since college – you could see the serenity on his face whereas in college he had a bit of the devil in him. It was obvious that Dori was good for him.

He’s a FATHER. It’s frightening – a lot of my friends from college have kids. And I’m next – I hope to be pregnant in the next year or so. And then it’ll be THEIR turn to say “Are you kidding – JAYNEE is a Mom? How wrong is that?”

Congratulations, Charles and Dori!

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  1. Jane…you are way too kind. By the way, we can’t forget that you too had your share of admirers, but, I should probably keep their names quiet with you being spoken for and all. Anyway thanks for brightening my day!

  2. Charles, you know it’s true – you were definitely one of the BMOC on campus. Granted, it was a small campus, but you were still the Big Man on it! =)

    As for my admirers, I wish you had told me about them back then – my social life might have been a bit better. =)

  3. a lot of my friends are beginning to get married and it is the weirdest feeling. i can’t imagine how it must feel to see a good friend become a parent. wow.

  4. Part of Charles’ charm was the fact that he always had that broken leg. Women love when men show they can be vulnerable!

    And he’s a hot redhead…that doesn’t hurt.

    Congrats, Charles.

    BTW, this is Jane’s sister talking.

  5. That’s funny you should say he’s a hot redhead because the other day I was thinking to myself there are no good looking red headed men. Cute maybe, but not good looking, and especially not HOT! Not sure I trust your taste on this. Then again, what do I care about what men look like. Hope you find the red head of your dreams. Heck, he doesn’t even have to have hair. Look at your dad.

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