I Admit It – I’m A Stripper

Last night Denis and I began the laborious task of stripping the wallpaper off the walls in our bedroom. As I stated yesterday – it goes much more quickly as a two-person job. Denis sped along, ripping off the paper, and I came along behind him and worked the glue off. He got about halfway around the room and I quit after about one wall. Tonight we’ll finish off the whole room and get all the paper and glue removed.

What sucks is that underneath the paper is a hideous shade of lime green. That same green was in one of the bedrooms we did last year. What on earth would possess a person to paint ANY room in that god-awful color? It’s not attractive at all. So tomorrow night we’ll begin painting on the white primer so that we’ll have white walls for my parents’ visit this weekend. That’ll be much better than the wallpaper or the green – I can’t wait!

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