How Wrong is This?

It’s 2:19 p.m. and I’m still at work. Turned out to be a really busy day since I had to train the temp for the first half of the day. My list of things to do before I leave just kept growing, and now I’ll be here til COB and even then may not get everything done.

The temp thing is hilarious – turns out the agency sent a woman who is PREGNANT AND DUE OCTOBER 5!!! I totally laughed out loud when I met her. How insane is it for a temp agency to send a woman to work Sept 7 – 24 when her DUE DATE is a week later? Obviously a man set this up because a woman would know better and send someone else.

The good news is that the temp, Lisa, is smart as a whip and will do well here – she met all the other admins and seemed comfortable, so I don’t think I scared her out the door with all the instructions. I really didn’t go over too much since she’s not starting until Sept 7 – I know she’ll forget everything I told her anyway.

So for the remainder of the day I have to type up a doc for one banker, do expenses for him, clean up my desk (it’s like a tornado hit), return some calls and emails, then change the outgoing message on my phone and email. Then I can hit the road. All this in 2 1/2 hours. Yikes. Bye!

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  1. Well, you didn’t have the baby last night and that is a good thing in my book. Sorry to hear that you had to stay later than you wanted at work today, but its great news that you have a temp that doesn’t seem to fit the temp stereotype.

    Have a great, relaxing weekend.

  2. Speaking of the baby…I really would like you to post everyday that you have not given birth so I do not have to keep wondering if CootieBoy is breathing our air yet!! Denis climb those third floor stairs for your wife and tell us what is going on!!! Work with me here!!!

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