1. this idea or method never worked on my phone…!!!…but i’m still trying it!!!…hope it will work…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. THIS IS A FAKE METHOD…..I 100% AGREE WITH JESSICA STANLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow. I was about to do a factory reset and I was losing my mind after trying everything I could think of on every forum and site I could find for hours and hours, and THIS WORKED FOR ME.


  4. Jessy, I hope you are able to figure out why your phone was not letting you in. Like you, I tried many things until I realized what MY error was (in my case, having the authenticator turned on). Good luck!

  5. Alessa, not lying, but just reporting my experience with my phone and how I got it to work. Sorry that it didn’t work for you, but it only works for people who are using the double authentication on their phone, which I was running. Hope you were able to find a solution for your phone that worked!

  6. But that’s assuming that your phone is not cracked and that your screen is allowing you to put in an email address…
    what if u can’t put in an email address because the screen would only allow certain letters to function….what would be a suggestion…is there any other way I can unlock my phone without using the actual phone to do it?????

  7. Gerald – that’s a problem way beyond my scope of knowledge! But yes, my solution worked because I was able to type in all the letters properly, for sure. Not sure if there’s a way to unlock without using the actual phone.

  8. Thanks a lot Jaynee .. just 2 hours ago i was trying to find a way to make unlock it after too many pattern attempts but than it didn’t worked and i was trying find a way.. just unlocked it watching your article.

  9. Wow wow wow, wow! I cannot believe it! Your 2-step security worked, and I didn’t even have it set up yet. I went into my google acct settings, to the “accounts and import” section, “change accounts settings”, “Other google account settings.” In there, click on Security tab, then Password/2-step verification. I went in and started to set it up, all the way to entering my mobile # for a text to be sent. I figured that since I couldn’t read the text, I just “x”‘ed out the browser tab. And, as Jaynee said, ” I then turned off my phone, turned it back on, put in my email and password and VOILA! I was back in!”

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This is the pin in the haystack of online advice…or more like the “diamond in the rough!” Tanks Jaynee!!

  10. In my samsung galaxy s2 sim cannot be inserted so it is only used for using internet,games and photos so what am i supposed to do to unlock my phone.

  11. Suzi – I don’t claim to be an expert AT ALL when it comes to cellphones, so I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to your question. My solution for my locked phone was found by accident. I wish you the best of luck in finding a solution!

  12. HI Jaynee, Thanks for the information. I have the same problem on my phone now. I tried all the methods too. I have recently changed my password to my google account. DO i enter the new password or the one i used when i created the account to log in?

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  13. Rashini – I would think you need to use your current password, since you won’t be able to log in and turn off 2-step verification without it!

  14. Thanks Jaynee, You would not believe what happened!!!! I tried every possible way.. including the step 2 verification method you have mentioned. Unfortunately Nothing worked for me. FInally embracing the teaching of Buddha ‘ Nothing is Permanent’ I let go and did the reset of my phone. I was so sad to have lost all the pics and videos. memories of 7 years of my travels and family.

    While re installing, I went to the gallery! and voila!! My gallery remained as it was with all the pics and videos!!!!!!!!!!! Every other information on the phone was lost. NO sd card. I’m still surprised though i do believe it was a little ‘miracle’ hahah

    Thought I’ll share my little story with you and thanks for all the information!!!

  15. my problem is it is made in Korea from Olleh company and the google account is not my own google account in that case how can I unlock my cell phone? got no idea.

  16. May you be continually blessed Jaynee, i was at the edge of performing hard reset when i came across your advice, i followed it step by step and pronto my phone came back to live.
    Thanks a million.

  17. Yes yes yes. Your method worked for me, after trying plenty of other hacks and advices I found on the internet.
    That allowed me to keep nice pictures of my kids, priceless ones!
    Thanks so much

  18. Alzaan, if it won’t take your password, it’s possible you aren’t putting in the right password or that you need to log in on a computer and turn off 2-step verification, as outlined in my original post. Good luck.

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