How Much is That Birdie in the Window?

We have a bird that has nested at our house. The nest is in the captain’s window by our front door, tucked safely behind a wheel-of-weeds we have hanging out front. It’s a great place for a nest – hidden from interlopers, difficult to infiltrate by predators, and somewhat protected from the rain. I just feel bad that EVERY time we open our front door, the bird takes off. I feel even worse because there’s a tiny egg in there needing her warmth, and she keeps flying off because she’s afraid of us. We’re hoping to get a picture to post so you can see it. I’ve decided to get an apartment-style birdhouse for the backyard. We have so many birds back there since we have a birdfeeder, I may as well provide them a home as well. And apartments can be hard to come by in NJ.

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