How Is It Possible?

It’s Monday morning at the office. The day has barely begun and I’ve already been yelled at. Apparently one of the head honchos was irritated that I “refused” and “blatantly disregarded” his request for the admins to clean up an area of our office that is going to be sublet. He said it “[didn’t] reflect kindly on you.” What’s so wrong is that the head honcho also yelled at Mare-Bear, who is the hardest working person in this office, bar none. And rightfully so, she went off on him about all the inequalities in the office. Three cheers for Mare-Bear!

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  1. The only thing suckier than a Monday is getting yelled at on a Monday πŸ™

    I suggest you wallow in the broodier Siouxsie and the Banshees songs, Face to Face (also on the Batman Returns soundtrack) comes to mind. With that negative energy pent up, eye your boss with contempt. The bad vibes will cause him to tear his trousers, or at the very least spill coffee on his shirt.

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