How Do You Like Me Now?

Wow! How do you like the new design? Many thanks to Mia and Ro from Ciao Bella!, who gave away free design work as they start up their new business. Mia worked on all three of our sites (Cootiepie and Scratch Mittens have changed as well) and they look fabulous!

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  1. Just a few notes, this comment page needs another look at. And I think the deep red is a little too dark. Otherwise, looks good to me. I like the way I look in that header image.

  2. I’ll see your two cents and raise you three cents. Too dark. Wake me up when the next four years is over. Me and 50 million other Americans who did vote, and another 100 million who didn’t vote.

  3. I think it looks great. I am just happy that I can finally see everything. All day long is was the same orange. Finally, while I was on the site reading some archived material, it changed for me.

    I love the color, very warm and inviting. I don’t think its too dark. Now black, that would be too dark.

  4. Ace – I agree, I find blogs that have black backgrounds and white text are just too difficult to read. I think this cranberry color is bright enough to be interesting but not so dark it’s annoying.

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