How Could I Forget (N’awlins Part Two, Appended)

How on earth could I forget our foray into the Harrah’s casino in New Orleans? Ugh – I guess I just wanted to blank it from my mind.

We went on Friday and I went straight to the roulette game and promptly lost $120. Walked away with the remaining $30 I had left to spend. It was a miserable experience. JHP and LP were shocked when I laid down $100 on the table as soon as I got there. They don’t gamble and couldn’t understand my willingness to plunk down that much at once to gamble with. Well, 20 minutes later when I had lost it all and another $20 they still couldn’t understand it. *lol* Meanwhile, LP had managed to make 75 cents on the slot machines.

Denis had lost on roulette and walked away to play blackjack at some point and was a mix of up and down until he finally ended up down the full amount he intended to spend. At that point we quickly left the casino.

But at least we helped the Louisiana economy just that little bit. From now on I’m only gambling in Atlantic City. I do okay there. Well, my money seems to last longer there. I still lose, but it takes me 4 hours instead of 20 minutes. I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth in AC.

Back to our normally scheduled story…

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  1. Sweetie, you’ve just been luckier in AC the few times you’ve been there. It can go just as quickly in AC. In fact, this casino was better because they had more tables with lower minimums. Makes you lose more slowly.

  2. I thought “Getting your money’s worth in AC” meant that Harrah’s had great Air-Conditioning…

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