How Cool is That?

Lots of posting this morning! I just checked my email and I got an email back from Louise Pitre, the woman who stars in “Mamma Mia”. The day after I saw the show I went to her website and there was a link to email her. Since she seemed pretty involved in the website, I gave it a shot and emailed the address supplied on the website.

And she responded! How nice is THAT? That’s unbelievable – and now I’m an even bigger fan and will buy her CD today.

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  1. Louise Pitre is very involved with her website and I’m sure it was Louise herself who responded to the email! Just wanted to set that straight because Louise Pitre is a very sweet woman!

  2. I would love to know where I might be able to see Louise Pitre again. We saw her in New York a few times. Actually, we saw 2 shows on her last weekend in October in Mama Mia. Is she doing any small theatres? In New York or Canada? Thanks, Hope she is enjoying retirement.
    Renee and Dan Johnson
    Hinsdale, IL

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