How About Some Cold Water With That Shower?

This morning I got to work and found a voicemail on my phone from Denis. Apparently our hot water heater is busted and being replaced even as I type this. Thank GOD it happened AFTER I took my shower this morning!

Denis went to the basement to check on the furnace to ensure the heat would run all day and found the water heater had a major leak. He paged our plumber, who is notorious for not returning calls for a week, but he actually returned the page AND said he could be there with a new heater almost immediately (he lives down the block from us).

What sucks is that the work is going on now, which means that my parents aren’t able to leave at 10 a.m. as planned. And you KNOW that my mom won’t go anywhere without taking a shower (unlike me, who has no qualms about going on a roadtrip sans shower when I can take one at my destination easily enough).

So it’s a good thing this happened now, since I just got my bonus last week. Denis said it’ll cost 750 clams including labor. Ouch. I just hope it’s a LARGER water heater than the one we have now. That would rock.

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  1. They left about 11 o’clock. Sorry they got a delayed start back. Not sure if your mom actually took a shower, but I think she may have tried. I could have gone on the road stinky too. The old me would have had a problem with that, but I’m so much more grown up now, plus with the baby I some times miss a day of showering if she doesn’t nap for very long. Hate to be in the shower while she’s awake. That’s me. She’s awake watching Veggie Tales right now. I keep checking in on her every few minutes. I’m hoping she’ll fall asleep. She might. Although she did nap for 45 minutes earlier today.

  2. We got away around 11:15, I think and got here at 5:30. We stopped in Gettysburg for about 30 mins. to shop at Thistlefields, one of my favorite teashops. It was a relaxing drive. Thanks to you both for a great time, great food, great company, and great rest!

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