How About a Just My Size coupon?

Since December I’ve been making big changes in my life, as many of you well know. I started a lifestyle change to lose weight, and have lost over 30 pounds thus far. I also endeavored to save money on groceries and have effectively cut our monthly grocery bills in half. This is important given how expensive everything is getting nowadays. I now save coupons as though they were rare treasures. I LOVE good coupons.

I recently took the opportunity to go out and buy a couple new pairs of pants for work. L-Train and Nic at work were making fun of my saggy pants that I kept wearing. So I hit up a sale and bought new pants, putting the old ones away (I really should THROW them away, but didn’t). Now that I’m back on a mission to continue losing weight, I know I’ll need smaller clothes down the road.

But right now I think I could still use a few more items. I have 2-3 other pairs of pants that are just too big and I know I look stupid in them. So I’m tempted to use this Just My Size coupon to take advantage of any discounts I can get on the pants.

I’ll probably hold off though – I’m right in that zone where if I lose 10 more pounds in the next month or two I can go down yet another size. I’d hate to buy pants again only to have them become too big a few weeks later.

Gee, that’s a nice problem to have, right?

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