Housework Aplenty

Today our handymen were here from just after 8 a.m. until after 6 p.m. A LONG day, to be sure.

They didn’t get all the work done, and so will be coming back tomorrow morning to finish. What they were able to finish today was the storm door on the front door (it’s WONDERFUL and I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can open that sucker up for a breeze), the new chandelier (which was a group effort since we had to double up the ladder so he could get up there – it required the rest of us to hold the ladders so that it would remain steady. But the new chandelier is LOVELY.

Lastly, they worked on the kitchen floor. They got about 80% of it done and called it a day. It’s going to be AWESOME when it’s done. There are a few spots that are not quite perfect, but to be honest – if Denis and I had done it ourselves it wouldn’t have turned out as well, so I’m happy with it. Denis has run out to Target to put those pads that go under chair and table legs to prevent scratches. Then we’ll put the table and chairs back.

At some point while they were here I realized with horror that the storm door I had bought for the back was too big – I bought 36″ when it was supposed to be 32″. But that’s a GOOD thing because guess what happened when I went back? Well, it turns out that when I bought the second door with the 15% sale discount – they didn’t actually APPLY the 15% sale discount. All they applied was my $25 discount coupon. So even though the door was $275 after my coupon, it REALLY should have been $230 after my coupon. Customer Service at Lowe’s was very helpful (thank goodness I had ALL of my receipts from the past 2-3 weeks with me this morning to show them proof). So I not only exchanged the door, but got that $45 refund!!! So the doors, which originally would have been $600 for the pair, ended up being $460 between the sale and my coupon.

Anyway, here are some pictures (click to embiggen):

The ugly BEFORE pictures:

These are the rips and tears we had all over the floor – most likely from the vacuum cleaner since we have the same tears in the master bathroom and the ONLY thing those floors have in common is the fact that we vacuum them:

And here is the wonderful AFTER:

Tomorrow they’ll finish the floor, install the patio storm door, and install the deadbolt lock in the garage entry door. Then they’ll be done. WOO HOOO!!!!!

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  1. Wow–VERY nice! Our house was built in the 80’s also, and we have a very similar white vinyl floor including the scrapes. We’re working on several things in the house, that floor will definitely be one of them to go!!

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