House Pics Coming

Tonight I will try my best to take some pics of the job Jaynee did on the living and dining rooms and get them up here tonight. I know she’s eager to show it off. We’re still sans rug and drapes and need to rearrange our wall hangings, but you’ll get the idea.

As for my Florida trip. I hope to get some pics from that up tonight too. I don’t think there are any pics from Jaynee’s recent trip that need to be posted, but I’ll check with her.

The weather was great in Florida, my friend Ted was a lot of fun as usual, his mom is a wonderful person too, and Dawn, Jamie and little Jake were a blast as well. This kid is cute and smart and a bundle of energy. If CG is anything like he is at his age (3 years old), we are in for a lot of fun (and work). He can write sentences at three years old. He can also identify the states of the U.S. by holding up a cut out of them — backwards. And Dawn and Jamie’s house is beautiful. It even appears in a regional (Baltimore) television commercial for a credit card. Baltimore? I know, they live in Tampa. Television magic.

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