House Hunting Time!

MegaMillions Lottery is up to $63M for tonight’s drawing (a $27M takehome for NJ residents after taxes). We haven’t done this in a while, so here goes:

Fort Mill, SC – town where we may live some day

Augusta, GA – where Bobby Jones built his golf course (in honor of the movie I just saw).

Montclair, NJ – town next to mine

Savannah, GA – pick a town, any town (check out the virtual tour on THIS one – the house is huge but the pool is the size of a postage stamp).

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  1. Heya, wow, the lottery is that much? I have a friend who lives in Augusta. Ashley Smith (the lady who caught the Atlanta courthouse killer) was from Augusta. There was also a registered sex offender who killed a little girl in Florida, caught in Augusta…so Augusta’s been in the news a lot lately.


  2. Hey, that Montclair house is right down the street from me. Its one of my favorite houses on South Mountain. I didn’t know it was up for sale.

    WOW, 11 bdrms. We need to see if Denis can get us in to take a look this weekend. Whadya think?

    Its so funny that the kitchen is so small compaired to everything else. Love the Master Bdrm.
    Wooosh – 15,000 sq. ft that is 6.5 times the size of my house.

    Love it!

  3. Just wanted to make a comment on the Savannah, GA house.

    The front stairs are beautiful. However, if you have over 10,0000 sq. ft of room in your house, why on earth would you put gym equipment in the Master Bdrm?

    Very Low Budget if you ask me.

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