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Last week I was surfing around the ‘net and found a shoe website with some amazing crazy shoes. I sent L-Train and Nic some pictures as a goof, but then found a pair that were actually really really cute. And cheap (with free shipping!). So I bought ’em.

Aren’t they AWESOME? At the website they are actually now listed for more than I paid for them. I wonder if they are getting more expensive now that Halloween is that much closer? Heh.

Anyway, they arrived last night and I immediately put them on. The right one fits perfectly – it is incredibly comfortable. The left one? Well, after giving birth to two kids, my left foot is now slightly bigger than my right. So while my heel and foot fits perfectly in the shoe, my big toe is a bit cramped. But, this happens with EVERY pair of shoes I buy now. The result is that I have to go through a week or so of pain until the shoe stretches out a bit and gets used to the fact that a 9 1/4 foot is in a size 9 shoe.

Not to be deterred, I not only wore the shoes to work today, but refused to bring a back up pair in case I just couldn’t take it. I’ve lasted pretty well – I admit that when sitting at my desk I’ve need to take the shoe off to do dictation (I use a foot pedal for that). So I haven’t worn the shoe ALL day. But my left big toe will be VERY happy when I get home tonight and can spend the rest of the evening shoe-free. The shoes were a big hit when I got to work. L-Train and Nic knew I’d be wearing them and were chomping at the bit waiting for me to get into work. And a few other ladies saw them and proceeded to try them on. I got a high five from the 6’4″ woman in our office who wears 5″ heels. *lol*

They really ARE great shoes. Very hot. As much as I don’t wear skirts, I’m VERY tempted to go out and buy a black pencil skirt and fishnet stockings and go for a retro 1940s look whenever I wear them.

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