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So Kentucky Derby is coming up this weekend. you know what that means, right? That’s right baby – Mare-Bear and Jaynee are placing bets and making some money. Maybe. Hopefully.

In my preliminary research, I’m leaning towards Afleet Alex (9-2) and High Fly (8-1). I love the name of one horse (Don’t Get Mad), but at 30-1 odds I don’t know that I’ll put any money on him. I know that Bellamy Road is the favorite at this point, but that’s George Steinbrenner’s horse, so just on principal no money is going on that one. Besides, that horse is running 5-2 – no fun gambling with such close odds.

I always like to pick one sort-of longshot, and this year it may Noble Causeway (12-1). The horse has performed decently in races over the past six months, but more importantly – his jockey (Gary Stephens) has won three Kentucky Derbys (Winning Colors (1988), Thunder Gulch (1995) and Silver Charm (1997)). When a jockey has experience, he won’t get nervous and spook the horse. And with three previous victories, this guy knows what he’s doing. One last note: Noble Causeway is owned by the CEO of Barnes & Noble, and you know how I feel about books…

So that’s what I’m looking at right now: Afleet Alex, High Fly and Noble Causeway.

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  1. Gary Stephens is also hot – as jockeys go. :drool:

    I’m going to miss the race because of ensemble practice. :nono:

    Hope you win some money. :cheer:

  2. You want to know what’s sad? Every time I hear the term “Kentucky Derby” now all I can think about is Jessica Simpson walking around in the mud on that blasted episode of Newlyweds.


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