Hope You Had a Merry Little Christmas!

Wow – I’ve been gone a while, haven’t I? Sorry about that! Things were hectic and crazy in December, and it all came to a head when two days before Christmas I hadn’t wrapped a single present and wasn’t sure if I’d have the energy to even do it!

Alas, I buckled down, locked myself in the guest room, and didn’t come out again until everything was wrapped. I still have stuff that needs to be shipped out though. I’ll probably do that this weekend and let my extended family experience Second Christmas this year.

Ours was a quiet holiday – we didn’t travel anywhere, and had my grandmother come over on Christmas Eve and spend the night. We attended our church’s Christmas Eve service, which was lovely. We just recently moved into our new permanent building, and it’s a fantastic place. It’s hard to believe it was once an industrial warehouse! After the service, we came home, watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and just chilled out until it was bedtime.

Christmas Day started early – the kids came and woke us up at 6:53 a.m.! And this was AFTER they had already gone downstairs to riffle through their stockings. We made them practice patience while GGma continued to sleep, but at some point CootieGirl could stand it no longer and went to go wake her up. *lol*

The kids were thrilled with their gifts. This year was a big year for them – Denis and I went ahead and got them a Kindle Fire (for her) and a Nintendo 3DS (for him). Needless to say they spent the whole day yesterday playing on those toys. I let them – going forward there will be time limits and restrictions on how much they can use them, but since it was Christmas Day, I let them use them all they wanted.

Denis and I originally planned on giving each other a new home theater system since ours is old and on the verge of dying, but we’re waiting for the sales price to go down (it went UP just before the holidays and we’re waiting for it to take a significant dip in price before we buy it). And so we opted to get different things instead – a panini maker, some jewelry, other things. Hopefully soon that sound system will go on sale.

Speaking of sales – we took advantage of some Christmas Day online discounts and picked up some new outdoor Christmas decorations for the house. We have a decent display already, but we really want to build it up. Yesterday we bought four lighted tinsel decorations. Not only that, we bought our first inflatables – a 5′ tall sock monkey, and a 5′ tall dog. They were dirt cheap and looked cute, so we decided to go for it. Can’t wait to set them all up next year!

As Christmas Day continued, GGma decided to stay at our place one more night, and so we watched “Elf” for a second time this holiday season and enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner with her. I took her home earlier this morning.

Without becoming too sappy or anything, let me just say that it has been an amazing year and we are so blessed. I hope you and your family has had a blessed holiday season as well!

We’re ready for 2013! Bring it on!

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