Hope For the Singer in All of Us

Courtesy of Miss Bumptious:

I had heard about this on the Howard Stern show a long time ago, but never actually heard the clip of Enrique Iglesias’ real singing voice. It reminds me of the Linda McCartney tape that used to float around on radio shows before she died. Click in “Download the MP3” to get it to work – the other two didn’t work for me or Bumptious.

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  1. Hilarious…totally like Linda’s “Hey Jude.”

    He wasn’t too bad until about 1:12, then he ratcheted up with the chorus.

  2. If I recall Howard Stern had him in to the studio to sing a few weeks later and he did sing and he didn’t sound great but didn’t sound that bad and he said if anything it was during a sound check and he was screwing with the sound guys…I don’t know I am not a fan but I do remember it on Howard! All the same it’s funny!

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