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Whew. This place is getting a bit dusty, isn’t it? Sorry about that – but I did warn you, didn’t I?

Yes, I’m still working on that transcription project. That’s why I haven’t been around. With the vacation looming (we leave tonight), and the deadline not to far after (Thursday/Friday), I ended up outsourcing five pieces for other people to type up. So far one person has turned hers back into me, another is due this afternoon, and the other three will be emailed to me tomorrow. I’m currently typing one. Once that’s done, there will be four more that need to be typed up while I’m on vacation. Two on Wednesday, one on Thursday, the last on Friday. This way I can enjoy at least PART of my vacation.

I feel bad for outsourcing, but I had to. Fortunately, I was able to outsource to some local women who needed the money, so I feel good about that, at least.

We leave tonight for the beach. Cooper The Dog is going to be looked after by one of Denis’ co-workers. She’s coming by tonight to pick him up and take him home. The kitties will be on there own for the next few days.

Denis took the kids strawberry picking over the weekend, and came home with about 6 pounds of strawberries. We used some to make strawberry jam last night. We got four quart-sized mason jars out of it. Yum.

Once I’m done with this thing I’m typing up, I’ll have a lot to do around the house in preparation for the trip. Especially since we’re supposedly leaving in less than six hours.

So let me get back to work.

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  1. Correction. Each bucket held 6 pounds of strawberries. I brought home 3 buckets (18 pounds). That’s a lot of strawberries. Don’t forget to pack the strawberries from the garage fridge for our trip or they will go bad by the time we get home. Add that to the list of food items to take. Thanks.

    Can you have any of the sub contractors do any of the other typing so you don’t have to do them while you are on vacation? Did you check with them on that yet?

  2. I think I’ve maxed out on volunteers to subcontract out the work this time around. I got five women to each take a sermon – I only have to do four more. One woman did say she enjoyed it and would do it again if I had a need in the future, which is cool.

  3. I take it back – one woman just backed out after volunteering this morning. So I have FIVE sermons to do before Friday.

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