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Last night we went to Home Depot and got a price quote on the cabinets we want to add to the kitchen. It’s amazing how expensive three simple cabinets, some countertop, some moulding and labor can be. But surprisingly, it fit inside the budget we set up for ourselves, which was a bonus. We didn’t order anything, but came home to measure one more time just to be sure. While doing that we realized that we needed to shift the KIND of cabinets we were ordering, and also decided to take away one of the cabinets we initially thought we wanted. So now we’re getting TWO cabinets, countertop and NO moulding. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but the cabinets we’re getting are large and will be a considerable help. We’ve also decided that the third cabinet that we are taking away will probably eventually be installed over the fridge when the time comes, but for now we’ll see how far we can get with the two cabinets.

Spent last night watching reality tv (“Joe Millionaire” and “Meet My Folks”). Who’s have thought that I’d consider Joe Millionaire the better show over something else? But “Meet My Folks” is just awful.

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