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I’m home again today – yesterday I was so miserable at work that I had to leave a little early. All day long I coughed, sneezed and sniffled at my desk, spreading my infection all around me. Mare-Bear and I had a discussion about how our bosses are all of a sudden really nitpicky about our absences. What’s amazing is that the biggest abuser of the system has been gone for a year now. The admins that are left at my company are all very competent and take their jobs seriously. And yet we’re out sick – AND CAN PROVE IT – and we still get looks when we return to work. Yesterday when I left early (mind you, it was 3:30 – my quitting time is 5 p.m.), one of my bosses acted a bit irritated. This despite the fact that HE HADN’T SPOKEN TO ME ALL DAY AND OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T NEED ME. *sigh* Sometimes makes me wish I could quit working altogether.

I called my ob-gyn office yesterday to find out what meds I could take to battle this health problem, and basically they said that plain tylenol was about all I could take. Uh…I don’t have a headache and fever. So it basically means I have to wait out this thing, and if it IS allergies, I’m gonna have a miserable few months…

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  1. When I was pregnant with Grace I got sick and was allowed to take Sudafed. I took the severe cold one and it was magical! Tylenol is useless.

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