Home Addition Is Moving Right Along

Time for a home addition update!

Things are moving right along, I’m happy to say! Early this past week I came home and found this in our backyard:

Foundation and patio is done! YAY!

I was thrilled to finally see SOMETHING tangible to show that we are underway! My heart raced when I saw the foundation!

Our contractor sent us a timeline and said the windows and doors he ordered should be here by the end of August, which means that framing will begin September 4 (after the holiday weekend). This means that Denis and I need to have the kitchen packed up by the time I leave for my trip to Baltimore this Friday. I have brought three boxes home. Three. To pack a whole kitchen. *lol* I obviously need to find more. The good news is that we’re not doing a full-scale pack, so much as putting things in a box and then placing the box in our living and dining rooms. But still, I need to get busy finding more boxes.

As for things we’re purchasing for the addition, the range hood arrived last week, and we also picked up our new wall ovens last week. We’ve been contemplating backsplashes – I initially had picked something out online that we both liked, but upon bringing a sample home we realized it would not work with our countertops. So we were back to the drawing board. At some point we picked a nice black granite tile and thought we were done, but then yesterday when we were looking at flooring options at our neighborhood big box store, we saw a stainless steel 2×4 tile that we both really liked. So now we’re on the fence again. Who would have thought that the backsplash for the stovetop would be the hardest decision?

I say that because the flooring decision was a breeze. We’ve been looking at stuff online, but yesterday at the big box we picked out 4-5 options for which we brought home samples. We decided we really liked the dark bamboo sample. At that point we drove to Lumber Liquidators to see if they had something, and they DID. It is a slightly distressed 6″ wide plank bamboo that was totally within my flooring budget. See:

Our new kitchen floors!

In the picture the planks look very brown, but in person and laying on the ground, even in full sunlight they look closer to black, with just a hint of brown streak in them. They are gorgeous. And we love that they are distressed so that if we DO scratch them, it’ll look like it was supposed to be there! *lol*

We brought half of it home yesterday and Denis is picking up the rest today. We couldn’t take it all at once or else the tires on Denis’s van would have exploded from the weight.

And so we’re left once again with the choice for backsplash, the choices for lighting, and the choice for paint color. Once we decide those three things our work will be done and it will all be left to the contractor.

I’m going to the Big Box store again today to return the samples we bought yesterday. While I’m there I may pick up some paint swatches and take some pictures of lighting that appeals to me, and see what Denis thinks. We’ve worked well so far in making all the choices for the kitchen. But I’ll admit this: I’m so glad we’re not building a whole house. WAY too many decisions to make, and I think there’s no way someone can do all that and stay sane.

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