Holy Schnickes.

It is raining REALLY bad in Charlotte right now. I’ve seen MANY MANY cracks of lightning and the thunder is just rolling rolling rolling along. At some point I decided I wanted to move my car. It was parked in the outdoor lot on the back side. It’s not a long walk to get to it, but I figured that as long as people with umbrellas were still around I should take advantage instead of waiting until 6:30 p.m. when no one with umbrellas was around. Because there’s no guarantee this thing will be done by 6:30 p.m.

So L-Train and Nic were flabbergasted that I was going to go out given how bad it is right now (the sky looks like it’s more like 9 p.m. than 5:40 p.m.) But out I went. Umbrella in hand I headed to the basement and made my way to the entrance. It was cool to hear the thunder down there because our garage created an echo effect so I’d hear the thunder ahead of me and then the echo would roll around the garage and end in back of me. When I got to the entrance the water was literally 2-3 inches deep. So I took off my socks and shoes, rolled up my pants above my knees, and went to my car. The rain was coming straight down, so I didn’t get too wet. In fact, the most rain I felt was when I closed the umbrella upon getting in my car. I drove to the entrance, picked up my socks and shoes, and then parked in the underground lot.

Voila. Done. L-Train said she’d laugh if it’s clear as a bell when we leave at 6:30 p.m. But I highly doubt it’ll be clear – this is no small storm. Judging by weather.com’s radar pictures, the WORST of it will be over by 6:00 p.m., but the heavy rain will continue for at least another hour after that.

Makes me happy I don’t have a basement. I bet a LOT of basements in my neighbor are flooded right about now because this storm came on fast and heavy – the ground didn’t have time to soak anything up before it got really bad.

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