Holy. Crap.

Okay people, so here is what Mr. Russell just told me. Verbatim.

“I’ve ordered up a laptop for you because when Mr. Sutherland and I are not in the office there may be no reason for you to come in if you can do the work from home. We’ll see if we can’t reduce your commute even more.”

Did you just see that? HE. ORDERED. A. LAPTOP. SO. I. CAN. WORK. FROM. HOME.

This job suddenly went from worrying me at it’s restrictiveness to being awesome.

So far today has been a better day than yesterday. I have a list of 12 projects to do today, two are done and I’m about to start the third. They run the gamut from typing in contacts for Mr. Sutherland (named so because he sort of looks like Donald Sutherland – okay not really, but I had to pick another actor) to working on a Powerpoint presentation to beginning an index list for Mr. Sutherland’s file cabinets. I’m much happier being busy because it makes me miss the other things a bit less. Having access to Cootiehog is a big plus – I’m happy about that.


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  1. That’s great news, sweetie. Hope you get to work from home some days. That would be great! Glad you can post to Cootiehog as well. That should make the day go by a little faster. Sounds like you’re busy too.

  2. Yeagh, and I SECOND Jen on her response …. Its been quite simply AWFUL here today. I have yet to have a bathroom break and as for my lunch???? Never got to it and it is now 4:45pm
    Ugh – this sucks …

    But on a brighter note, I am happy for you. The telecommuting things sounds right up your ally.
    Let me k now if they have any other jobs going, see if you can put my name up for something, anything really at this point….

  3. Are you sure you want to commute to NJ from Queens, MB? Wait til the wedding is over and then consider where you might want to live and THEN look for a new job…if mine works out here I’d have no problem recommending you to work in my office! I’d love to have you AND Ace here – how fabulous would THAT be?

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