Holiday Is Officially Over

Phew! Long weekend – and it’s not even over yet! On Thursday (officially the HOTTEST day of the year) we had a dozen people over. We had the AC cranked in the house so people could take breaks from being outdoors, but everyone trooped through the heat, drank beer, kept in the shade, and a good time was had by all. Denis made SO much food (the cole slaw and potato salad were both hits) and our fridge was stuffed to the gills. We attempted to see live fireworks and drove over the Brookdale Park only to discover the fireworks were scheduled for Friday, July 5. That sucked. But we came back to our place, opened a couple more beers, and watched the NYC fireworks on tv.

Then yesterday it ended up being a GORGEOUS day – the kind of weather we wished we had on Thursday! Denis and I just chilled most of the day then went to see Minority Report. Today Denis’ sister and her family came over for the afternoon. The boys loved Cooper and exhausted the poor pup in a couple of hours. He’s now sleeping like a log downstairs.

We were going to go bowling tonight with Ace, Anthony and some out of town visitors of theirs, but we’ve decided to do it tomorrow. I think for now I’ll hit the sheets and take a bit of a nap. I’s tired.

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