Hodge Podge

1. I’m still not quite feeling well. My knees are still twinging, but are definitely better than they were yesterday. Never did get to the gym last night for a swim though.

2. I’m feeling weird today – breathless and a bit lightheaded. I’ve got a killer headache/migraine going that not even Motrin Migraine has helped. My eyeballs hurt more than they did yesterday. I mean – it hurts to even BLINK.

3. I’ve made an appointment to have my new super-duper car stereo installed in the truck this weekend when I’m down in VA. So I’ll have lousy tunes on the way down, but ROCKIN’ tunes on the way back. Must remember to pack the CD case with good music for the return driving. CootieGirl and I will be slammin’ the trax, yo.

4. While I worship Don & Mike, my deejays that I listened to for over 10 years in DC, I must admit that Scott and Todd are starting to grow on me. Denis made a comment that they were the best deejays he’d heard in a while, so I began listening to them on my commutes into work. I have to say they are kind of funny. In a completely different way from Don & Mike (nothing beats Don & Mike on Mondays talking about their weekends), but still entertaining.

5. I’m now thinking that as much as I want to go to Alaska as my reward for losing weight, I’m NOW thinking in all my geekdom that I may attend next summer’s Moonlight Rising, a fan-run Buffy convention that already promises to have Jonathan and Andrew in attendance next year (last year they had Giles, Spike & Tara as well as a few others – I’m hoping those will reappear next year as well). Yeah, I’m a nerd. BUFFY RULZ!

6. Is it Friday yet?

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  1. Any possibility that your headache and other related pains are blood pressure instigated? I’m just wondering if your BP is a little high?

    You are a complete dork – you’d rather go to a Buffy thing than Alaska?

  2. 1. Yes, I agree I probably need to see a doctor.

    2. Buffy = cheaper (it’s in the Poconos which I can practically spit on from where I live, and it’s only a weekend instead of a week).

  3. What surprises me is that she actually took my advice and started listening to Scott and Todd in the morning. Whoo Hoo!!!! Mark this down on your calendars! This is a first for me! I can cash in my chips now. Not that she said they are the funniest, and I’ll stay away from the Don and Mike comparisons, but at least she started giving them a chance. Mikey wins!

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