Hit the Road, Patrick!

Another great two hours of The Mole 2 last night. And more wonderful Anderson Cooper. Can he get ANY hotter? Before I start gushing mindlessly about him, let’s talk about the episode itself.

Patrick got booted in the second hour – I’m not surprised at all by this because the episode seemed to focus on him – whether he was making inappropriate comments to the ladies or stealing pages from his old journal. My sister thinks Dorothy is the Mole, but that’s too obvious – the producers are really making it seem that she’s the Mole. So I doubt she is.

In the first hour Lisa got the boot. Everyone seemed really shocked. Were they shocked because they all thought she was the Mole? Who knows, but either way, she was a good player and they’ll definitely miss her presence, I think.

I still think that Myra is the Mole. And I’ve decided I want Bill to win the whole thing. Mainly because he currently lives where I was born: Oak Harbor, Washington.

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