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So I found a link today for my high school’s alumni website. My graduating class, which number 550+ in 1987, has about 57 members currently registered. It’s similar to Reunion.com or Classmates.com where you have to pay to get to the details of the site.

What’s great about the site though is that you can submit pictures from the yearbook and someone actually took the time to scan in my graduating class. Yes, my high school pic is available online. To save you all the search time, here it is:

A vision, aren’t I? Actually, when I was in high school I wasn’t cool, but I wasn’t a nerd. Like the majority of most high school students I was in the group known as “everyone else”, meaning I wasn’t like the jocks, I wasn’t like the nerds, I wasn’t like the skaters, I was like everyone else. A lot of people make a point of saying, “Oh, I was friends with all of the groups – I knew someone from every group.” Well, sure. Can’t we all say that, really? Was anyone so completely self-involved in high school that they didn’t know anyone from at least a couple groups?

Listen, I was a nerd because I participated in school chorus and yearbook. I was cool because I went to Young Life and occasionally shared a container of french fries at the local fast food joint afterwards. I was smart because I took an AP English class and actually got “A”s on a couple papers. I was dumb because I failed Algebra once, Geometry once and Chemistry twice. Please – we all have our experiences in high school and yet a lot of people – people almost 20 years out of HS – still insist on letting everyone know they were super-outgoing and friends with everyone. Let’s be honest – high school sucked.

I pray my 20th year reunion in 2007 is 1/4th Peggy Sue and 3/4s Romy & Michelle. Cuz that would rock.

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  1. LOL

    And still, we will never know what your natural hair color is, cause even that picture is B&W.

    As for Highschool, I thought it ROCKED. I loved almost every day of highschool. I too was in the Choir (Chamber & Concert) and was the President of Tri-M (Modern Music Masters) I helped build sets for the Drama Department, was a member of FTM (Future Teachers of Maryland)that didn’t work out so well as we all know…

    I guess I too was in the Everyone else group… even though most people probably would have lumped me in the “Preppy” group.

  2. I didn’t go to my 10 year high shcool reunion this past summer because I felt like I already talk to those who I wanted to stay in touch with. I love you pic! I hope your reunion is totally Peggy Sue and Romy and Michelle.

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