Hiding In The Office

CootieBoy is having a belated birthday sleepover with three of his pals and so Denis is hiding upstairs and I’m hiding in the office. They’ve had pizza and soda, have played video games, have chased each other through the house, have debated whether or not to watch a movie, and screamed so loudly I’m positive the neighbors think we’re abusing someone in this joint.

One of the boys is afraid of our dogs, so they are cooped up with me here in the office, with Dobby the Dog going on alert when the screeching gets particularly loud/high pitched. And since the boys have just had cupcakes for dessert, they’ll be wired for the next few hours.

I’m glad today is Friday and that the work week is done. I took a day off from work yesterday and I’m so glad I did because yesterday was a crazy data of data analysis and number crunching. I like my job tremendously, but sometimes a mental health day is a requirement. I enjoyed mine. I woke up at 8 a.m., then caught up on Tivo almost all day. I did steam clean the rugs (again), clean the kitchen sink, and move clean laundry from the washer into the dryer, but that’s about it. It was a glorious day.

This weekend we don’t have much planned. Once the boys go home in the morning, I may see if I can talk CootieGirl into going to the pool, and meeting a friend of hers there. She’s been protesting the idea of going to the pool, but I want to go at least a couple more times before it closes next month!

Oh my word, those boys are being SO LOUD. Glad I’ve decided to hide in the home office or else I’d be downing Motrin like candy right now.

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