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I love HGTV – they have awesome info, great shows, and sweepstakes. Their latest is $100K for fixing up your house, with a bonus $50K from Thomasville for furniture. I could do a LOT with $100K – our list of “to dos” would be wiped out and then some!

Our bedroom closets could be organized and made functional.
My broken bathroom sunlight would be replaced.
All gross carpeting could be removed from the second floor and stairs and the revealed hardwoods refinished.
Our cracked kitchen bay window could be replaced.
Our bee-infested back deck could be replaced with with a new screened porch.
Our pot-holey driveway could be resurfaced.
Our kitchen walls could lose the tacky wallpaper and be repainted and we can replace the countertops with granite.
We could add a family room on the back of the house.
We could replace the gross aluminum siding with vinyl siding.
The ugly brown bathroom could be updated (and that yellow toilet would be GONE!).
The weedy front and back yards would be completely re-landscaped.
We could get a cast-iron stove insert for the fireplace.
The hedges on both sides of the house could be replaced with legitimate fencing.

As for the furniture from Thomasville, I would save that for when we have the new house in North Carolina. If I was required to use the $50K immediately, I would go ahead and buy it and have it stored in NC.

You can enter once every day through September 30th, with the prize winner being notified on October 11.

In other HGTV news, I saw on the website that the 2006 Dream Home will be in Lake Lure, NC. How is THAT for spectacular. The contest to win that home hasn’t begun yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be entering that sweepstakes each and every day it’s available as well. If ever a Dream House location spoke to me, it’s NORTH CAROLINA. I WILL win that house.

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