He’s Ready for Kindergarten

Today CootieBoy and I went to CootieGirl’s school to have lunch with her. He was very excited about eating with the big kids and fit right in. He got his tray of food, we paid for it using CG’s code, and he carried his tray to the table. We sat for twenty minutes eating our food and chatting with CG’s classmates. The kids were very cute and precocious.

When lunch was over we were gonig to leave, but CG’s teacher invited us back to the classroom to hang out during free play. So CB got in line with the rest of the kids and with a HUGE smile on his face, he walked the line from the cafeteria to the classroom, where he proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes exploring and checking things out.

As we were leaving I asked him if he liked it, and he said yes and he definitely got excited when I told him that in six months he’d be going to a class like that every day. I know he misses the structure of daycare, so kindergarten can’t come soon enough!!

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