He’s Not The Only One

Twice in a month Ace has posted a comment with stuff he shouldn’t have in there, and called me to have me edit the comment. Once of those instances was just today, as a matter of fact. So I’ve added a new plugin to the roster. Ajax Edit Comments will give all commenters the ability to edit their comments for 60 seconds after it gets posted. It’s always best to review your comment BEFORE you hit post, but for those impulsive clickers, this plugin will allow you to have a second chance to make things right before the comment becomes permanent and requires admin intervention to fix it.

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  1. Okay, I think it’s working now. I deactivated some plugins that I didn’t really need to have active, and that lessened the load on my MySql database. So there is a lot less lag time loading the entire site now – including the pop-up window for the comment editing.


    Geesh you made it sound like I said some nasty thing that just had to be deleted. Ok, maybe that is just me being sensative on 4hrs of sleep. However, just so the masses know, both times the error occured was because I mentioned “real” names.

    Side Note:
    Your site is running much faster, thank you very much. See if I hadn’t posted your real last name of Flanagan or the kids names, Billy and Susan then you would have never been prompted to make the changes.

  3. Can I just say I love the Count Down on the Edit Box… makes me feel as though something really important is going to happen.

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