Here We Go Again

Ready for a new floorplan to critique? This one so different from the original stock plan that I’m calling this one completely original at this point. In fact, if I posted the original plan you’d probably think I didn’t use it at all as a starting point.

This house is 3718 sq ft. The smallest plan I’ve done yet, but still 118 sq ft too big. However, this floorplan has some things that the others didn’t have:

1) The addition of a small gym room. Last night we realized that we’d like to have a small room on the first floor for three pieces of gym equipment: treadmill, elliptical trainer, recumbent bike. Put a mounted TV in there and some weights and you have a room where the whole family can work out together.
2) No garage at all. We’ve opted to go without a garage and plot the house so that we can build a two-car detached garage at a later date. Looking at the first floor, all groceries will have to be brought in via the front door, just like we do now. Since we plan on having a covered front porch, we’ll be able to unload all the groceries onto the porch and then take them into the house. We may do a porte cochere off the side of the house to allow for additional coverage in inclement weather.
3) Laundry in upstairs hall bath. The kids will share a hall bath, and the laundry will be located in there.
4) No bathtub in the master bath. We just don’t need it, and I don’t care about resale at this point. So we’re going with two showers, two sinks, a toilet and a linen closet.
5) Playroom/Guest bedroom WILL have windows on the back wall – I just forgot to put them in there. But two windows will be on that long wall for ample sunlight.

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Here We Go Again…

Remember about a month ago when Denis had his eye scratched? Well, I don’t think mine was scratched, but something definitely happened to it today.

It all started when we got to the pool at the camping resort. It was after the morning’s music session (which mostly went well). I got CootieGirl in her suit and then I grabbed my stuff to go put on my suit in the ladies’ room. As I walked over there something went in my eye – not something sharp or weird, so much as filmy. It was as though I had a ton of ‘sleep’ in my eye (you know the stuff I’m talking about, right?) that suddenly moved over my cornea. Using a tissue in the bathroom I got it out easily enough. I spent about 45 minutes in the pool with the kids and a ton of other church folks, then we packed up the car to go home. We got about 10 minutes away from the campground when all of a sudden my eye went filmy again. Yet more “sleep” came out of my eye when I cleaned it with a tissue.

We’ve been home for a few hours now and my eye is blurry, bloodshot and still creating the sleep every hour or so. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s annoying.

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  1. Bacterial infection. Pinkeye. Get thee to a doctor, you need antibiotics. The longer you wait the itchier and goopier (is that a word?) it will get.

    Pools and lakes with lots of little kids…common culprits.

  2. Actually, I did some research and found that there are THREE kinds of pink-eye, and I have the non-contagious one. My eye is not goopy anymore – that actually stopped on Saturday night. Now it just tears up a lot. 😥 My kind of pink-eye seems to be an allergic reaction – it’s highly likely that I was allergic to SOMETHING up at that campground. I’ve never had allergies, but you never know – I may have stumbled upon something in western NJ that I’ve never come across before.

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