Here Today, Gone Tamyra

I’m in shock. I think it’s a travesty that Tamyra Gray got kicked off American Idol last night. She was definitely one of the top two performers but had a bad night – did she deserve to get kicked off? No. Justin did. He should have been gone. He should be grateful he’s still there.

That Nikki, man, she’s got a crazy following – although from the audience’s reaction last night they were not in attendance. They booed for a solid minute when Tamyra’s name was announced as the one going home.

But I’m not worried – Randy and Simon are both clamoring to sign her up to a record contract, so I predict by Christmas there will be many debut CDs wrapped and under the tree for her fans.

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  1. I was too tired to stay up last night and I figured Nikki or Justin would get the boot. I’m completely shocked that Tamyra is gone…who is calling to vote?

  2. I disagree in that I think Nikki (not Justin) deserved to go home. I don’t think Justin will cut it as the American Idol, but I simply CANNOT judge them by one performance alone. I think that’s the whole reason they’re carrying this thing on for weeks and weeks instead of everyone just giving one performance and deciding then.

    Nikki deserved to go home. Even her performances on Tuesday were hideous and I was honestly completely shocked when the judges said she did a good job on her first song. Perhaps because they’ve come to expect SO little from her, but both my fiance and I were holding our ears because she has apparently lost the ability to sing on key.

    I only hope and pray she’s gone next week.

    Not that it really matters.. I think if Nikki gets a record contract, she’ll have one album and it will be so hideous, she’ll disappear. Meanwhile, Tamyra was nearly promised a contract last night by Randy and Simon and you know if Kelly gets voted off, she’s going to be promised the same.

    I am so disgusted with the American public right now it isnt funny.

  3. Lynda, is this the same American public who kept the television show “Full House” on for eight seasons? Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.

  4. This is the same American public that watches Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones. That’s why Nikki is still in it…it’s the whole TV-movie-on-Lifetime thing she has going as someone else already mentioned.

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