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It’s Sunday, and I’m at work. Third weekend in a row. And looking at his calendar, I may be working next week to since he has another Monday mediation. Thankfully, that should be it for a while – Mr. BIL doesn’t have any more hearings or mediations coming up after next Monday AND he’s going away on a ski trip at the end of next week. Follow that with Easter weekend (which is a 3 day weekend for us) and I’m golden. WOO HOOO!!!

This morning I went to the early service at church. Unfortunately, I’m so used to getting there at 7 a.m. to set up that I completely forgot what time church actually started. So I showed up at 9:35 a.m. thinking I was 10 minutes early only to discover I was five minutes late. That wouldn’t be so bad, except by the time I put the kids in their rooms (Denis was already at church doing childcare in one room), I completely missed all the music and came in a couple minutes after the sermon started.

The sermon. WOW – what a great sermon. A few weeks ago our pastor finished up a series on the prophet Elijah that was really kind of mild and milky (meaning there wasn’t a lot of substance to the series). Even he commented during one of the sermons that he feared visitors would think our church was a bit too light on the gospel. Well, he put things back to right this morning – the entire service was basically a detailed, heartfelt presentation of the gospel message. It was VERY powerful. What made it even more powerful was the presentation of a drama team video that was recorded at a recent Women’s Conference hosted by the church. At some point I was bawling like a baby – it was REALLY well done. It didn’t help that the song used in the video “You Are Everything” by Lifehouse, which is one of my favorite songs that the band at my old church in NoNJ used to do.

I’ll link to the video, but will also tell you that it’s a LONG video. It’s best to let it take the time it needs to fully load, which will result in wonky playback at first. But when the video is done playing through that first stilted play, REFRESH the page and then hit play – it should then play clearly and without the breaks.

Here’s the amazing video

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  1. I went to the church website but I don’t think they have put today’s sermon up, or rather it would actually be last week’s, right? What was the title so I can keep checking?

  2. Marmie – you are right – at small group last night we came to the conclusion that the website has a two-week delay on getting messages up on the website. The next one due up is the Bucket List – Friends, and THEN is the one we saw yesterday.

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