Feels like a heat wave. We have heat! It’s over 60 degrees in the living room and upstairs too. The plumber who worked for two hours on no sleep two days ago came back this morning after taking his two-year-old daughter to the doctor and finished the job he started. $1,000 and six hours later, we have heat. So good to not have to sleep at a neighbor’s or friend’s house or a hotel tonight. The mini-vacation was neat, but there’s no place like home.

The cats are happy, the dog is happy, the baby is happy, and we’re happy. Hard to believe what a difference 30 degrees makes. I suppose it could have been worse. It never snowed inside the house, although we did experience condensation on one bedroom ceiling. We first thought a pipe burst, but there is no piping above where the wetness was. Then we thought the roof was leaking. No go. Turns out, when Jaynee left the taps open to prevent our pipes from freezing, she left the water on too hot and steam caused the condensation to build up on the ceiling. All is better now.

Although while the plumber was working on the furnace, we heard a rush of water. He turned to me and said, “Sounds like a pipe burst.” I’m thinking, good thing we have a plumber here. Turns out the pipe that burst was the faucet on the outside of the front of the house, the one we water the front lawn with. The plumber was able to cut off the water flowing to that faucet without disturbing the rest of the water supply. We will need a plumber to fix that problem, but that is a few months away.

If we have any other interesting home plumbing issues, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, Jaynee said she wants to go to bed early tonight. She said she might not even go to sleep, but she wants to go to bed after getting three bad night’s sleep in a row.

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  1. Hey, guys! This is Amy from Permission to Peruse! My site is now at javamama.net/amy (at least for now).

    Oh and I never was able to get into cootiepie with the name/password you emailed me. Email me and maybe we can get it straigtened out. I miss seeing pictures!

  2. I’m glad you have heat back. The repairs and hotel bills would have added up quickly!

    I have small gift items for the Cootie family from Disney. I’ll try to get them in the mail this week.

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