Heading to Florida? Check Out Manta!

When my family went to Florida last year we didn’t go to Sea World. We felt that the kids just weren’t old enough to truly get our money’s worth out of the side trip to the park. However, next time we go there (2011? 2012?) they will be plenty eold enough to really enjoy Sea World a lot.

I’m a sucker for rides, and SeaWorld has a new ride opening next month (on May 22, to be exact), called “Manta.” Just the pictures alone make it look awesome.

Right now SeaWorld is doing a promotion where you can win a “Front-of-the-line” pass to ride Manta. And the way to do it is really easy. They have six activities listed on the website, from following Shamu the Whale on Twitter (which I think is a funny idea), to taking a quiz about mantas. If you do two of the activities, you get a complimentary electronic photograph from when you ride the Manta.

If you complete all six (the other four are taking a picture of you wearing a Manta mask, emailing three friends about the ride, submitting a Flickr photo of you hold a sign that says “I Heart Manta”, and submitting a video to YouTube in which you talk about how excited you are to ride Manta), SeaWorld will send you straight to the front of the line when you arrive at SeaWorld to ride the ride. How cool is that? Knowing how long lines can get for new rides – especially something like Manta – I would think this would be an easy choice to make to do all six!

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  1. We just went to Sea World 2 weeks ago – none of us had ever been and it was great. You can get the second day’s admission free by just going up to the claims desk after you arrive. So, that way, we only spent 2 half days there and it was very enjoyable not to have to shove everything into one day. Davis (4) loved it, and rode his 1st roller coaster, the Shamu Express.

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