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I’m just trucking through this transcription. I’m not doing much else. As such, there’s nothing to post about. Sorry about that. I’ll be like this through the weekend, too. I have another 19 sermons to type by Tuesday evening. Methinks I’ll be up very late the next four nights. I’m averaging three sermons a day, but will need to do just over four a day in order to get it done before I leave for the beach on Tuesday evening. I’m working on my third one of the day now, and hope to get it done by dinner time and then do another one after the kids go to bed. Then it’s up early tomorrow do work on the next four.

Fortunately, Denis is taking the kids out tomorrow, which will help. Today they’ve been very good though – once they had their afternoon snack they settled onto the sofa and have not fought one single time since they got home. That’s a blessed relief. *lol* Tomorrow he’s taking them strawberry picking at Springs Farm, and then to an Italian Festival at a local church.

Sunday I’ll be working childcare during the first service, but plan on coming home after that and skipping small group as well. That’ll not only help me have more work time, but it’ll allow us to save a bit of money on the babysitting (which is expensive even here in SC).

That’s about it. I’ve managed to watch a few shows this week – Lost was great. I’m happy with the winner of Hell’s Kitchen. I’m thrilled that Coach finally got booted on Survivor, and am rooting for JT to win (I’ve hated Coach and loved JT since the beginning). I’m in the final three in my online Survivor Pick’em game, and am hopeful since I’ve played a very JT kind of game – I haven’t coasted, I’ve made moves, but haven’t made any enemies either. I taped 22 movies during the free HBO preview weekend last weekend and won’t have any time to watch ANY of them until after we get back from our trip to Duck, NC next week for my cousin’s wedding.

I keep reading articles on Kris Allen and Adam Lambert and I’m just loving Kris more and more. His family seems so fantastic based on what I’ve read (I read a lot of articles that are behind the scenes at the tapings), and I really hope he wins. I really do think he has a VERY good chance to win, and not just because of anti-Adam backlash. I’ve decided that I have three favorite songs from the whole season. “Falling Slowly” by Kris is my all-time, followed by “Ring of Fire” by Adam, and “So Small” by Matt Giraud rounding out the top three. Those are GREAT songs. I could listen to those songs over and over again (and have).

Okay, back to typing (well, paid typing, that is).

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