He Was Robbed

I’m so angry over last night’s episode of “Last Comic Standing”. Without a shadow of a doubt the producers of NBC are stupid, and last night’s episode proved it. Dan Naturman was the best of the bunch last night – hands down, no argument. And yet he was sent home.

Jay London? He’s a one note comic – he makes puns, he does one-liners – bad ones at that. I’m sorry, but a one-liner comic cannot do a weekly network sitcom! However, a quirky hilarious comedian that has a LOT of personality can totally lead a television show. I know *I* would tune in to see Dan Naturman! If Dan had gotten in it would have been FABULOUS to see him and Kathleen Madigan make it to the final two (you KNOW it would have come down to those two because they are the most hilarious ones, although Gary Gulman would be a close third).

What pisses me off is that Jay London is gonna get the boot in the first couple of weeks BECAUSE HE’S NOT FUNNY, making it POINTLESS for the producers to have put him through for the “interesting house dynamics” that they are looking for. I will not vote for any comedian who has the line, “You’ll get this joke on the way home, sir.” That’s the most hackneyed line and I HATE it when comedians say it.

Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

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  1. I whole-heartedly agree. After seeing the show, I googled “Dan Naturman robbed” knowing there were others who felt the same way. I was right. What is this “house dynamic” thing. It’s supposed to be about who is the funniest. Not who is bizarre and weird and unfunny. Yes, you, London. That was Jay Morr’s vote to get him on because he’s known him so long and basically, I suppose, felt sorry for him.

    NBC’s tagline for the show is “The Search for the Funniest Person in America” … not “Goofiest House Dynamic”. Sheesh, people!

    My favorites (in order of FUNNIEST)

    1) Dan Naturman
    2) Todd Glass
    3) John Heffron
    4) Alonzo Bodden
    5) Sue Costello
    6) Tammy Pescatelli
    7) Jay London
    8) Marina Franklin
    9) DC Benny
    10) Jim Wiggins

    Actually, only the first 4 people on my list actually made me laugh a lot with Sue Costello kind of making me laugh. From there on, it was just terrible jokes. Jay, Marina and Jim need to just quit, because they aren’t funny and I don’t think they ever will be. DC Benny has something. He LOOKS like he could be good. He has something that I feel could be molded with lots of work.

    I was very dissapointed and I don’t think I’ll be watching on a regular basis. I might tune in now and then to see what’s going on but they’ve taken a show that I was looking forward to seeing every time and made into something I don’t really want to be a part of as a viewer.

  2. Dan Naturman really was robbed! He was the best comedian on the show, and pretty much the only one that really made me laugh out loud. His auditions where he got the ticket to New York are hilarious.
    It figures that NBC would decide to put some weirdo in the house who can’t even put together a good set over a truly funny guy. These shows aren’t really all about comedy, they’re just about seeing a bunch of people living together in one house and all the backstabbing and rumors and all of that junk. The producers of the show are so stupid! They invite all of these celebrity judges, and then the judges’ votes don’t even count if they aren’t the same as who the producers wanted to put in.
    Now that Dan’s gone, I have no reason to watch Last Comic Standing. Thanks for ruining my Tuesday nights, NBC.

  3. Dear Jaynee,

    Jay London is HILARIOUS, you just must be too STUPID to understand his style of comedy. Gary Gulman’s material is about as original as a rock.

  4. Lisa, I’m not stupid so much as DISCERNING. I can see how some people might like Jay London’s brand of humor (one liners), but for the most part, he’s just not funny. And I’m not the only one that think that.

    Gary Gulman IS humorous. Do I think he’s the funniest in the house? No. But he’s funnier than a couple of them.

  5. Dan Naturman was by far, not only the funniest, but the most original comic out of the 20. Jay London is absolutly hilariuos but his style of comedy is for stand up, mabey bars or partys. If you were to truly take the best 10 comics, Dan, John, Gary (and you know it), Todd, Alonzo, not to mention some of the women (who held their own) Then you would have a show, however NBC botched this one up. All i can say is for the show John is by far the forrunner in my book for anyone else with the exception of Alonzo to get even 5% of the votes would be a shame. He’s honest he dosent make fun of himself (a self respecting comic) he is origional and he lets you pass judgemnt on him by his jokes not telling you jokes about how he wants you to feel..ie Dat Phan and Ralphie Mae…. Thats it JOHN AND DAN..I comend you

  6. Jay London is just about the most hilarious, most original comic I’ve seen in a long time. I predict he’ll win. He’s gotten more popular since he’s back on the show, and it sounds like people are getting more and more impressed by him just because no one’s ever really seen anything like him before. I’m really rooting for this guy….if anyone deserves to be Last Comic Standing, it’s Jay, hands down. Thank you. I think I’ll move over here now. Thank you.

  7. Jay London was by far the funniest comic on this show. He is original and clever. It was a shame that he and Alonzo both could not make it in the finals. Gary is the worst comic I’ve ever seen. I think he was getting the girls votes based on his looks rather than his talent.

  8. Idk jay london is really funny just in the fact that its different from everyone else. i dont rmber who dan naturman is – im not saying he isnt funny. cuz to some ppl he is but it just depends on each persons type of humor either dry(british) type humor or not – idk dont take away from somebody just cuz u dont think they should have it

    -chill kids

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