Have You Seen a White Elephant Around Here?

So tonight is the night of our annual White Elephant party. Usually at noon on the day of the party I’m a complete disaster, prepping food, cleaning the house, just generally going nuts.

But today? We’re already done prepping food (well, mostly done – Denis is finishing his last item now, and then all we have left is building the fruit/cheese/cracker platter which we won’t do until closer to the party start time). The house is pretty much clean – we’ll Swiffer the living room and dining room one last time about half an hour before the first guest should arrive.

CootieGirl is napping right now, which is extremely helpful. If she was awake this whole time and demanding attention we would not be anywhere near done getting ready for the party.

I got a call just now from my pal KJ, backing out from attending the party. She drove all the way up to NYC and came down with a vicious fever that laid her up last night in her hotel room. She’s bummed that she won’t get to see CootieGirl, and bummed that I won’t get a chance to steal her Teletubbie snowglobe (I collect snowglobes).

So we’re down to about 24 attendees. That’s a decent number, but smaller than usual (our usual count is 28 people). I hope no one else calls to back out – I’ll start getting depressed.

Cuz that’s a LOT of leftovers.

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  1. How awesome that you all are ready so early. Something to be said for having a house-husband this past week ~ and a new KitchenAid!! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pics.

  2. ahhhh what I wouldn’t do to live around cool people like you 😀 NO one I know does holiday parties. Well my work does but trust me they stink LOL.

    I hope you had a lovely time!

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