Harry Potter Done!

I finished Harry Potter today. I was wrong in my guess of who kicked the can – but I didn’t cry or anything. Like Mare-Bear, I must be cold-hearted. *grin* Either that or I just wanted this book to be over.

Is it just me, or did this book feel more like FILLER material? That happened with the “Left Behind” series too – there are two books in that series that were complete WASTES OF TIME.

*goes off to re-read Prisoner of Azkaban so she can remember what GOOD Harry Potter books are like*

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  1. That’s been happening with a lot of series lately. Robert Jordan’s last THREE books have been awful, and literally nothing happened in the last book (the tenth of the series). And Terry Goodkind’s The Pillars of Creation, while presenting an interesting reversal-of-viewpoint, went nowhere fast.

    I think that editors need to stand up to their writers and tell them NO ever so often. Stephen King’s editor, I’m directing the hairy eyeball at you!

  2. Definately a “Filler” before the finale. I feel that the next HP Book will also be a bit of a filler too.

    However, I did enjoy the read, but certainly zero tears, zero shocks or surprises. It was enjoyable.

    (And you are coming back in a few short days – Woo Hoo !!!!)

  3. Definitely thought the book wasn’t up to the standards of the previous three. Prisoner was definitely my favorite, as well. I think if someone else would’ve died it would’ve been more of a tear-jerker (like Mr. or Mrs. Weasley). I’m hoping the next two improve….I had previously been impressed with Jk Rowling’s writing abilities.

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