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It’s getting tough to write to Cootiehog on the weekends – this weekend I didn’t log in to the computer a single time over the weekend. So, my apologies for being incommunicado all weekend.

Saturday was our childbirth class – it lasted pretty much the whole day so it felt like a regular workday – no sleeping in, getting home after dark. ARG! But the class was informative, if only to tell me a bit more about how the hospital works. I knew all the childbirth stuff already from my constant reading and stories from other new moms. Denis was Mr. Jokester in the class (not for the benefit of other people – he merely whispered his jokes to me). At some point I turned to him and said, “Okay, this is so NOT going to be the way it is in the delivery room in April. No jokes AT ALL or you are getting your butt seriously kicked.” He just laughed and cracked another joke.

Sunday was my movie day. I watched “Along Came A Spider”, “Croupier”, and “Black Hawk Down”. For a piece of fiction, Black Hawk Down was pretty riveting. As fact, pretty darn wrong. But I know this country was all about being patriotic when it was released, so I’ll forgive the movie for glossing over America’s role in Somalia and making our men into innocent heroes.

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  1. Black Hawk Down: Did you read the book? I’m wondering what you’re basing your comments on. Because the History Channel did a thing about the events depicted in that movie and the folks interviewed (soldiers and reporters who were there, including the author of the book) movie was pretty accurate.

  2. I concur, you need to get ahold of the History Channel special on the real life experiences from Black Hawk Down. Incredible story. Clinton blew it big time. The guys were heroes and those who died, died needlessly because of the disgraceful lapses in judgement of those in the highest levels of command and control.

  3. I think it’s a stretch to blame Clinton for any specific military action. Hey, we still have to blame Reagan for trading arms for hostages. If he didn’t, we won’t be on the verge of war with Iraq. How do you like that spin control? Fastball, right down the middle of the plate. *lol*

  4. Wow, political debate at cootiehog!

    The Clinton Administration was wrong, wrong, wrong to initiate that particular mission. It was doomed from the start because the folks on the ground didn’t have the right support to get the mission done.

  5. I’m apolitical. I just felt like provoking and playing devil’s advocate. I know nothing about Clinton or the mission portrayed in the movie. I’ll use my first pass. I have two more left.

  6. Ooo,I was afraid I might start something with the Clinton comment. Remember though, whatever the mission, the captain, boss or in this case, Commander-In-Chief must always take the blame, even if he wasn’t directly involved.

  7. Mom started a war. Look at her. She’s back peddling. I have her on the run now.

    All I know is there are more people out of work and more wars started (or soon to be) under George Bush’s watch than Clinton’s and G. W. has to take the blame for both of those things too.

  8. Cogent comments (I’ve been reading, too)do not mean I have started a war here. Back peddling? What back peddling? Yes, indeed, there are people out of work but GW didn’t start this war, Osama did, on September 11, 2001. On the Clinton watch, what about Somalia? Kosovo? The bombing of an aspirin factory, I believe? I was gratified to read today that Hillary supports the use of force in Iraq.

  9. Clinton didn’t start the wars in Somalia or Kosovo either, but you’d like to make him take the blame, right? You can’t have it both ways. Where is Jen when you need someone to add her two cents to a political discussion? I notice Jaynee is staying out of this one. She still in shock that Roosevelt couldn’t stick around to get re-elected to a fourth term. *lol*

  10. I was going to say five, but I didn’t believe that could be the case. I stand corrected. Later I’ll be standing on my head. Viewing times are 3:30, 4:30 and 8 p.m.

  11. 12 cootie comments – is that a record? Glad you caught the fact that FDR died in his fourth term. Can you post picture of Denis standing on his head?

  12. No, Clinton didn’t start the wars in Kosovo or Somalia or anywhere else he sent our troops. What he did was overextend our military forces by trying to play the world’s policeman. We are not the world’s policeman, we cannot get involved in every conflict around the world, not should we.

    There’s a HUGE difference between Somalia/Kosovo and Afghanistan/Iraq.

    We did not start this war on terrorism or with Iraq – these have been brought to us and we have to respond – and it has to be decisive, which will mean military action.

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