Happy Satur- Hey Wait! It’s FRIDAY!

This morning Denis couldn’t sleep and got out of bed around 5:30 a.m. CootieBoy had crawled into our bed just before then, and once Denis got up I couldn’t sleep either. So around 6 a.m. I got up and started my day by measuring out the fleece that I had contracted to sell today. Then I headed downstairs to send out the invoice for the fleece. As I sat watching the news and catching up on emails, I heard CootieBoy at the top of the stairs.


“Yes?” I called up.

“I wanted you to lay next to me for a minute.”

“I’m sorry sweetie – I couldn’t sleep.”

“Are you in your pjs?” (he feels it is VERY important that one goes downstairs still in pjs in the morning).

“Yes, I am.”

I heard him plodding sleepily down the stairs, and he came into the office to lean against me. “I’m hungry.”

“You want a bowl of cereal?”

“No, I want pancakes.”

“PANCAKES!? Those are for Saturdays, not school days.”

“But I want pancakes!”

I saw by the clock that it was not even 6:30 a.m. yet, so there was plenty of time before he had to get ready for daycare. “Okay, I’ll make you some pancakes.”

Once I was done on the computer we headed into the kitchen where I made pancakes. At 6:30 a.m. On a Friday. This NEVER happens.

At some point CootieGirl woke up and drifted downstairs where she, too, settled in for some pancakes. At 7 p.m. they finished and scooted upstairs where we had a contest to see who could get dressed first (CB won, but to be fair I provided assistance). By some miracle, we got out pretty close to on-time, despite the complete change in schedule.

I doubt such a schedule change will become a habit (I am NOT an early morning person), but it was kind of nice sitting down before school to enjoy some pancakes and juice before the day got going.

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