Happy Monday!

The weekend sped by, but was fun nonetheless. Watched two Netflix movies – one sucked, the other was decent. The one that sucked was “Cries and Whispers”, an Ingmar Bergman film. I feel like I already posted about this, but I officially hate Bergman films – it’s the third one I’ve seen and I hated all three (this one the worst). Case in point: The first five minutes consist of a dying woman writhing in bed. Five minutes. I’m not kidding – I counted. I watched about 45 minutes of the movie, hoping SOMEthing would happen, but alas, nothing did, so I turned it off. Bad Bergman. Very bad.

The second movie was “The Princess and the Warrior”, a German film starring Famka Potente, from “Run Lola Run”. It was a very quiet movie, a little slow in parts, but still interesting to watch. In the end I liked it, and am glad I rented it. It’s about a woman who works in a psych ward who is run over by a truck and becomes obsessed with the man that saves her life (he being the one that caused the accident in the first place). Worth renting.

We also watched a lot of poker on tv and played poker with Ace/Anthony. Once again I did LOUSY and was the first one out. I just haven’t gotten good cards in the past couple of games we’ve played.

CootieGirl was cranky this weekend. Like SUPERcranky. As in “nothing you do is right and I hate you” cranky. Pure bliss.

I worship Tivo. Greatest invention since perforated bread (that’s an in-joke for my family).

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  1. I worship Tivo.

    “nothing you do is right and I hate you” – what she said! 😉

    Perforated bread – heh.

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