Happy Friday!

I’m so happy it’s Friday! YAY!

1) Tomorrow we’re taking the kids to see “Horton Hears a Who.” We’re going to a 10:30 a.m. showing. We have a free pass for the movie AND two AMC passes, so we only have to pay for one ticket (which is $5). BARGAIN! Plus, one of the stores around here has the super-sized candy on sale for $1 a box, AND I have a theater coupon for a free small popcorn. So we may be able to get out of the theater for under $20 for movie and food. AWESOME.

2) I got my flannel and cotton fabric in that I ordered earlier this week. CUTE CUTE CUTE. I really want to get my work room cleaned up this weekend and the sewing cabinet up there so I can begin working on projects. One fabric in particular REALLY has me fired up to use it.

3) I forgot to take my weight loss medication yesterday. Blerg. I thought I had only forgotten last night’s dose – turns out I forgot yesterday morning too. Oh well.

4) CootieBoy finished up his medicine last night. He was very excited. Little does he know that I’m going to buy liquid vitamins so he remains in the habit of taking “medicine.” As for the results of the medicine, I’m happy to report that for the past two mornings (when he has crawled into bed with us), he has slept without snoring AND with his mouth closed. That’s awesome.

5) The Chores & Rewards chart is still working well – they love making their bed, brushing their teeth and doing what needs to be done to put stickers on their charts. It has also helped reduce CootieGirl’s whining – she still slips up occasionally but all we have to do is say, “No whining” and she tends to stop. CootieBoy’s potty training is pretty close to done – he now only occasionally has accidents.

6) CootieBoy is doing well at school. This morning as I dropped them off his teacher specifically told me that he has been doing VERY well. I agree – he doesn’t protest going in there anymore and loves taking in books or toys to show the class.

7) Tonight I’ll be hitting up Harris Teeter to take advantage of their triple-coupon sale (which ends tomorrow). WOO HOO!!

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  1. Under $20? If we spend $5 on the movie we should be able to get out of there under $12, maybe even $10.

  2. $5 for the movie ticket
    $3.50 for the other small popcorn that will be required.
    $4 for the four boxes of candy that will be purchased at the grocery store.
    $3 for my drink (which I can share with the kids)
    $3 for your drink

    That’s $18.50 for everything.

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