Happy Easter!

Hey everyone – happy Easter! Hope your day is special.

We’ll be driving back to SC today after a quick sewing lesson by my mother. The sewing cabinet is GREAT – I can’t wait! Mom and I already figured out a way to rearrange the guest bedroom in order to incorporate the big cabinet in that room. I’m VERY excited about it.

Yesterday we went to church (Saturday night service) which was very good. The only down part – at some point Baby Jesse was walking around (he’s walking!) and CootieBoy went to go “play” with him. Well, CB took Jesse’s hand to lead him, but went too fast for Jesse, who fell HEAD FIRST into the tile floor. At least two dozen people nearby gasped when the THUNK was clearly heard. CB felt awful and quickly ran away from the scene of the crime, while Beau picked up Jesse to console him. He was crying like the dickens (no surprise), but amazingly within five minutes he was fine, and his head didn’t seem to worse for the wear (no large bump had come up in the minutes before they left for home). At some point I told CB to apologize to his Aunt Jen, but instead he turned to her and said, “Is Baby Jesse okay?” Very sweet. Jen assured him that Jesse was okay.

The kids (for the most part) have been good, although they got more bored yesterday as the day went along. This morning we’ll be doing an Easter egg hunt in the backyard (I don’t know if we’ve put the eggs back there yet). And of course, they’ll have Easter baskets (which I think we also forgot to put out, and CB is already up for the day).

Anyway, it was a good weekend, and it’s not over yet – we won’t be leaving until after Dad gets home since it takes two people to move that sewing cabinet.

Okay, I’m off to get some breakkies and figure out how to make CB come back upstairs so they can put out the easter eggs in the backyard.

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