Happy Easter! And A Landscaping Update

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you are having a blessed day as we remember what Christ has done for us. He is risen!

Also, it’s official: we have….FLOWERS!

Also, Denis worked really hard, with some help from me every now and again, and got all the weeds up from the front area. He also chopped down the three large shrubs that were directly in front of our front door. We then laid down some weed killer chemicals and then put down a double layer (triple layer in some parts) of weed barrier. We used two kinds of edging – bricks along the sidewalk, and rubber edging next to the grass and driveway. The river rock to go in this section will be delivered this coming Saturday.

The change is amazing. The lawn itself is still a mix of clover and weeds, but it’ll do for now. The prior landscaping (the pitiful state of which I do NOT have a picture) was just miserable and a total eyesore. The new landscaping? Awesome!

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  1. Thanks, Molly! We’re getting there – slowly but surely. We’re happy that we’re almost done. We’re also dreading next summer – when we will most liikely deal with the backyard (which is simply terrible, but fortunately no one sees it except us).

    That is beautiful; those flowers look almost fake! Job well done you kids.
    That also looks like one huge house, compared to what one is offered in NYC of course …. methinks we could be living like Kings if we ived there LOL!!!

  3. Thanks, J.H.! I have been very pleased with them. They are dying out now – fast bloomers, I’m afraid. But I now have irises that are starting to bloom, so it’s still nice.

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